About CheckCraigslist.com
What is CheckCraigslist?
CheckCraigslist.com is an automated search tool for craigslist.com. Just create a query and get emails each day with new and updated listings that match your criteria. See how below.
How does CheckCraigslist works?
When you create an account at CheckCraigslist.com, you can start adding queries for items that you are interested in.
Enter what you are looking for and set a price limit if you'd like.

You can also specify:
  • search titles only or the entire craigslist ad.
  • only return ads with images.

Signup for CheckCraigslist and be notified when something is listed!
Who can use CheckCraigslist?
Anyone who wants to buy something on craigslist but doesn't want to keep searching each day for what they want.
There are some great deals on craigslist but you have to spend time searching through many listings to find them.
Just tell checkcraigslist.com what you're looking for and receive daily emails when something new is listed.
And the best part is it's free!
When to use CheckCraigslist?
Whenever you want to find something on craigslist.com but don't want to keep going back to search again.
Where does CheckCraigslist work?
CheckCraigslist currently works for the United States but will be updated to search all of craigslist.com soon.
Why use CheckCraigslist?
Because it's easier than searching on craigslist.com! Just create a query and check your email each day for new matches.